Dental care can be very complicated. There’s a lot of inconsistencies when comparing fees between various clinics. Not to mention the confusion between sliding and fixed price dental.

So, it’s no surprise that of the 20% of Australians who suffer dental problems annually, about a third of them avoid going to the dentist until it’s too late. There are a handful of reasons why. These reasons may be the lack of money to undergo procedures, paranoia about being overcharged, and going through something their teeth don’t actually need.

Ways a dentist rips you off

There are usually some red flags when a dentist is reaching for your wallet along with that broken tooth. The clinic might advertise free services (checkups or cleanings), which are uncommon for fixed price dental clinics. Then they charge exorbitant prices for any service they provide next. Or, they will “recommend” too many treatments to keep you paying.

Quite a few “recommended” treatments are actually superfluous at best and risky at worst:

Dentist prices for fillings can seem like a small expense under some dentists. However, if they recommend replacements after a few months, better get out. Fillings can take years of wear and tear. Constant replacement which isn’t needed yet are being suggested often to get more of your money.

Having an x-ray is safe to do twice a year. More than that is questionable and dangerous. Avoid working with a dentist who asks for x-rays too often. Especially when the dentist is hesitant to show you their findings on an x-ray.

Deep teeth cleaning is usually reserved for gum infections or periodontal problems. If the dentist recommends this like a usual treatment, then better switch to a different clinic. A simple teeth cleaning cost Brisbane clinics charge can be high, so imagine how expensive a deep clean can be.

What you really need

Money-grabbing schemes can instill fear in patients with dental problems. Because of these, a few will forgo treatments that are actually inexpensive and quite needed. These treatments should be seriously considered when recommended by the dentist:

Also called dental restoration, cavity fillings may be required if the structural integrity of a tooth has already been compromised. These are not always recommended though and are usually done to avoid tooth extraction. It’s not a cosmetic treatment to be taken lightly.

If it’s beyond repair, extraction might be inevitable. The tooth removal cost might hurt less than the pain a broken tooth might cause.

After tooth extraction, dental implants would be needed so the patient can enjoy eating normally. Dentures might be the old-school way but implants are far more reliable, last longer and cost less in the long run.

Final thoughts

Shady dentists will keep on doing shady procedures to get more out of your wallet. Shopping around can help you detect if your current clinic is trying to rip you off.

A good rule of thumb is that a good dentist will only recommend the minimal amount of treatments with the least possible cost. Other options will always be presented to the patient. Moreover, a good clinic offers a fixed price dental package without any hidden charges.

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