Before going into details on why you should have a family doctor, let us know first what are the services offered by these individuals. A family doctor Portside clinics have offers regular health screening for your entire family. Unlike other types of physicians who treat a specific disease or focus on a certain branch of medicine, a family doctor is trained to oversee your overall health, including your physical, emotional, and mental well-being.



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So, how does a family doctor Portside help your family?


1. They provide primary care.


A general practitioner or GP Portside clinics have can provide you and your family the basic primary care before you are referred to a specialist. They are the ones you can call and set an appointment for flu symptoms, back pains, upset stomach, and the sudden presence of rashes.


GPs do not only treat and provide medication for simple flu symptoms, but they can also treat a wide variety of diseases. They can help patients manage their blood pressure, sugar levels, and even do minor surgical procedures.


2. They know your family history and lifestyle.


A family doctor keeps a record of your family’s health history and the lifestyle of each member of your family for years. Knowing your family’s health record gives them the advantage of properly diagnosing your disease and getting to watch out for red-flag changes in your health.


Your family doctor can also help you when you are looking for a job. Pre-employment medical Portside recommendations can be offered by your family doctor. Your doctor can certify that you are healthy and fit to apply for a job.


3. They can offer family planning services.


Family planning Portside experts can be your trusted family doctor. Your doctor can advise on what family planning methods are appropriate and well-suited for you according to your health and lifestyle. You can also seek their advice if you and your partner are having a hard time conceiving a baby. If you opt not to have another baby anytime soon, they can provide you with several contraceptive options.


4. They Help you look for a specialist.


If you need a specialist, a family doctor can help you look for one. For example, if you would need a cardiologist, your GP will refer you to a cardiologist that he trusts. Since your GP knows a lot about your health history, he will refer you to a cardiologist who can provide you with the treatment that matches well with your health history.


5. They save you a lot of money.


Primary care providers, such as GPs and family doctors, can save you a lot of money. In a way, these health care providers help decrease the number of hospital admissions, according to a study. This means, consulting with your family doctor first rather than going straight to an emergency room is more economical.


There are different services and treatments a family doctor Portside can offer. Hopefully, the reasons we mentioned above can finally convince you to get one. For a list of trusted family doctors in Portside, please visit and check