Official Notice

Due to the recent Electoral Commission decision to revoke permission for the NOTA party despite having approved it twice with no issues, and the EC being in possession of documents outlining the aims of the NOTA party from the outset. We have appealed this decision but the Electoral Commission is firmly against this.

The reason for the decision is that NOTA is deemed an acronym for a banned phrase 'None of the Above' which has been banned as a party name or emblem for many years.

This however is not the end of this campaign......

The campaign is now adopting a method of standing independent candidates in 2015

There are 2 ways of doing this...

 1) Stand in your name as an independent candidate representing None  of the Above with the backing of this national campaign.

2) In 2010 the former world champion boxer Terry Marsh changed his name via deed poll to Mr None Of The Above X and stood in his constituency, the X was his surname and this placed him at the bottom of the alphabetically listed ballot paper. This method although it may seem controversial is believed to offer the best way to guarantee None of the Above on ballot papers in 2015.

We ask that you consider standing for NOTA in 2015 full support will be given all candidates will have individual crowd funding accounts set up to help with all costs.

Our new updated website will be online soon with full details of this campaign

In the meantime please direct any enquiries to the following email